Gloss Sync

Product Description

NON-ALKALINE AMMONIA FREE DEMI COLOR GLOSS Enhances hair's natural pigment and creates a hi-gloss shine. Ideal for compromised hair.

Zero lift: Long lasting shades that won't grab or go dark; stays seamless root-to-tip. The ammonia-free formula with fruit acids and fruit oils smooths and conditions the cuticle for even color with up to twice the shine.

Gloss Sync can be applied to damp or dry hair. For best results and more evenly saturated color deposit, it is recommended to apply Gloss Sync to dry hair.

When using as a toner, Gloss Sync can be applied to towel dried hair for up to 20 minutes

Mixing ratio is 1:1

1 part color to 1 part 10 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer

Timing: up to 20 minutes


We recommend mixing your Gloss Sync shade with Clear on compromised hair.