Grey Blending
ColorSync Extra Coverage

Product Description

Demi-permanent haircolor

Color Sync offers low-commitment grey coverage for hair that is up to 75% grey.

Extra Coverage collection consists of 6 shades arranged into 2 families. All shades have extra pre-blended base tones for maximum grey coverage. They are designed for use on up to 75% grey hair. They are identified by a number in front of the level number to indicate (i.e. 6NW Extra Coverage Dark Neutral Warm Blonde). Replenishes hair with long-lasting, velvety rich, natural colors and shine.
Cera Oil Complex
Helps improve hairs condition color after color

Micro Fillers
Help rebalance porosity for brilliant seamless color

Fruit Oils
Help nourish and polish the surface for high-gloss finish
Clients with up to 75% grey who desire additional coverage and natural haircolor results.
Follow the four basic rules.

1. Determine the Natural base level and percentage of grey
2. Choose a color sync shade 1 to 2 levels lighter then the desired level
3. Determine the Tone desired
4. Mix equal parts Color Sync shade with Color Sync Activator 2.7%/9 Volume. Mix equal parts Extra Coverage shade with Extra
 Coverage Activator 6%/20 Volume

Process 10 to 20 minutes