Grey Coverage
Dream Age

Product Description

Grey coverage gets a dream makeover

CoverMax dyes ensure up to 100% grey coverage with rich, multi-reflective color for hair over 50% grey.

Dream.Age is a collection of shades that are specifically formulated to provide 100% grey coverage in a low ammonia base with pre-softening technology. Formulated with an optical undertone to brighten eyes and skin tone and with Light-reflective pigments balanced to eliminate the need to mix multiple shades.
Low Ammonia Base
Dual Alkaline system provides quick penetration and steady deep penetration for 100% coverage.

Optical Undertone
Tones of underlying pigments are included to enhance tonal results and brighten skin and eyes.

Cera-Density Complex (with Ceramide Micro-Fillers and Camelina Oil)

Reinforces hair and restores body, suppleness and shine.

DA-5M, 6M, 7M, 8M, and 9M ; DA-4Nw, 6Nw, 8Nw ; DA-5Bc and 6Bc
Flattering Luminous Match shades
Clients with over 50% gray desiring 100% coverage and modern reflective tones.
Follow the four basic rules and use the Luminous Match tool.

1. Determine the Natural base level and percentage of grey
2. Determine the Level you wish to achieve – based on the Luminous Match tool
3. Determine the Tone – based on the Luminous Match tool
4. Choose 6% (20 vol) Matrix Cream Developer

Process 35 to 45 minutes